Lilly’s Colorful Spots




Lilly has freckles all over her face. She hates her freckles. When Lilly tries to scrub them off her face, Mama tells Lilly they are angel kisses. Lilly’s attitude changes. Then Lilly goes through a mystifying experience. Her freckles keep changing colors. At the end of the book, Lilly embraces her own little face, freckles and all. The Love of Lilly presents the issue of looks, something that girls of all ages worry over. It is presented in such a way to amuse kids and adults alike. The story tells the reader that facial markings, like freckles, should be accepted and even cherished as something very special that defines the person as being unique. This is a story I told my youngest daughter. She was sick at the time and asked me to tell her a story. All three of my kids fell in love with Lilly. The love of Lilly hooks kids attention, sparks their imagination and wins their hearts. The illustrations for Lilly are of my youngest grandchild, Brooklyn Rose. I did a photo-shoot of her to illustrate each scene and then I cartooned her. Such a fun and satisfying project for me as a writer.