Wounded Not Wasted – Preface

Wounded Not Wasted – Broadcasting Hope Through Lockdown

The lockdown imposed in Northern Ireland as part of our government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic caused problems for many people.  Thousands of hard-working men and women have been ‘furloughed’ or lost their employment completely.

Others experienced loss of a different kind. Statistics recording the number of deaths caused directly by the virus, change with every passing day.  As I write this in March 2022, the exact mortality figure is, one suspects, beyond exact calculation.

The indirect implications caused by the protective measures put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 have also been painful to endure.  In May 2019, my beloved grandmother passed away of old age.  Lockdown restrictions dictated that I was unable to see her in the weeks before she went to be with the Lord.  I loved Granny with all my heart and the fact that I could not give her a final kiss will be a permanent source of regret for me.

Being confined to my house did present me with an interesting new opportunity.  I was asked to oversee the running of an Internet radio station called 10 Plus Radio – The Life Worth Living.  The aim of this project, as I saw it, was to offer hope to Christians at this unprecedented time in history by broadcasting solid, original, and unapologetically evangelical programming for five hours on Friday evenings.

On one of the shows, entitled ‘Transformations’ I interviewed people whose lives had literally been transformed by God.  Featured on my segment were individuals who had experienced grief, illness, parental rejection, or problems relating to addiction.

Crucially, each person that I spoke to had been enabled to overcome the issues he or she faced through the transformative and saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ.  These individuals may have been wounded by their experiences in this world, but God has made sure that their lives have not be wasted or destroyed by what they have been through. In fact, the people you will meet will testify as to how brokenness often gives way to beauty.

My purpose for writing this book is simply to give these people a platform to share their stories so that others might be encouraged as they walk with God through challenging times.  I also want to show anyone who reads Wounded Not Wasted that Jesus Christ is a risen, living and active Saviour who can save and change the course of lives that the devil would otherwise seek to destroy.

I thank Allison, Tom, Eileen, Andrew, Jenny, Ally, Tyrone, Liz, and Bertie, not forgetting Brian and Pamela for sharing their life-stories with me.  I pray God’s continued blessing on each one of them and on those they love.

I also want to thank Alistair Bates and everyone at Timeless Publications for giving me the opportunity to compile this manuscript, not forgetting my dear friend and fellow TTA author, Jayne Dunlop, who patiently proofread and corrected my initial scribbling’s.

This book is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Agnes (Nan) Maxwell – born 5th September 1930 and died on 24th May 2000. I love and miss you, Granny.

Joe Boyd

(March 2022)