Defiant Hope




Under the dark skies of Jerusalem, a drama unfolded. What appeared to be a cosmic tragedy was ironically Jesus’s greatest triumph. Death’s icy fingers clutched at the heart of Jesus, but they dissolved like snow in the heat of his love. In this book, you will discover that what appeared to be a dark, miserable, godforsaken day over Jerusalem was the most glorious of all time. During the agony of the cross, where fear, despair, and heart-pounding sadness filled the air, Jesus’s dying words brought hope in the midst of despair. Jesus extended grace and hope to us all. This story is saturated with grace, and it reveals the possibilities of pivotal moments and life- changing encounters. Jesus extends the gift of grace to all. It is never too late for you to experience the God of relentless grace. The cross is a story of relentless love. A picture painted large with the brushstrokes of grace. Against the backdrop of cruelty and injustice, hope rises as a defiant flare.


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