Trading Mind-Sets




‘Believe, trust God, communicate with Him constantly, asking for what you need, and you will receive it.’ (Joe Boyd) Is it possible to exercise faith in God while living with a disability or illness? What does the Bible say about the causes of disability? Can people with disabilities expect to know healing this side of eternity? These questions and others are the focus of ‘Trading Mind-sets: God, Faith and Disability.’ Joe Boyd is an author and journalist who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of two-and-a-half and a result of insufficient oxygen reaching his brain during his premature birth. Focusing on scriptural truths, this book will seek to uncover many of the preconceptions and misunderstandings that have existed around disability and illness from Biblical times until the present day. The manuscript will also educate pastors, teachers and those who care for people with disabilities as well as equipping those who are ‘differently able’ with the tools needed to live effective Christian lives


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