Trading Places


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There were days I would look in the mirror and just wish I could trade places with someone else….someone smarter, someone stronger, someone braver. I wanted to be anyone but me.’ That was life for Joe Boyd, who was born with Cerebral Palsy in the late 1970s. No-one could tell if he would survive; top professionals in the disability field had limited aspirations for his future. Frequently rejected by his peers, his early years brought more than their fair share of heartache for the young man and his loving family. But then, God intervened to bring about a transformative miracle in Joe’s life, enabling him to trade places with the frightened, struggling boy who cried into the mirror. Saving faith in Jesus Christ brought hope and a future to Joe in a way that few would have thought possible, leading him on a glorious path from fear and hopelessness to success and happiness with the Lord’s help.


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